Business Liquidity

We provide a wide range financing solutions to operating companies. Debt Capital, Private Equity, Purchase Order Financing, and Direct Private Investments from $2,000,000 to $100,000,000+ is our focus. Whether you’re looking for growth capital, a recapitalization or acquisition financing, we custom tailor the financing to meet your exact needs.

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Business Turnarounds

Companies that are in the need of creating growth, becoming or improving profitability, and negotiating or refinancing its debt capitalization is what our team has excelled at across dozens of companies and over 100 years of combined experience. Its all about creating value and improving cash flow – let us help.

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Direct Acquisitions

We are affiliated with Windstream Capital, a US based private equity firm that makes direct acquisitions of companies that are in tech enabled business services and technology companies. If you are looking to sell your company to a firm that will continue your legacy, maintain the integrity of your team and honor your long vested relationships, let us know.

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The EXITS.IO Advantage

Execution: Working with EXITS.IO gives you the edge since our team has real hands on experience in building and financing companies over the past 30 years. Having completed over $1.2 Billion in transactions provides us, and you, with unparalleled capabilities and insights into technology finance and more importantly, getting deals done.

Process: We have perfected the process and strategies that go far and above just financing your business. First and foremost, we actually care and take pride in working with our clients. Secondly – we provide a clear and concise strategy that will help you maximize your value, outline the most effective capital stack, and position your business to receive the financing that you need on the most preferable terms. In addition, we manage the process from start to finish, enabling CEOs, President’s and CFOs like yourself to do you do best – focus on running and growing your business.

Results: The whole purpose of working us is to obtain the business liquidity that you need. Whether you’re looking for growth capital, buy out a partner, a recapitalization, or acquisition financing, leverage our experience to ensure you complete your financing.  With over $1.2 Billion in transactions completed, in addition to having a deep and wide ranging network of highly credible and qualified financial partners, we deliver results where they count the most.


Next Steps…

In this fast paced business world, the velocity of money likes speed which requires decision making, teamwork, and being adaptable. We only work with action takers that like to see results and understand the importance of leveraging experts to achieve the main objective and goal of creating business liquidity.

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